What is Vision 2020?

Dear Friends;


In October 2004, God spoke to Pastor Rob Rotola , "Vision 2020, bringing 20 million souls to Christ by end of year AD 2020".  He responded to God, "How is a mid-sized church in Wichita, KS going to bring 20 million souls to Christ by the end of year AD 2020?" And He said," If you'll listen, I will show you how".


God showed him that the majority would be won through missions. For example: Evangelist John Smithwick, Mike Francen, Aquiles Acosta and Per Hyldgaard are just a few of the pieces to bringing 20 million souls to Christ.  Crusades are being held overseas in areas such as India, China, Nepal, Thailand, Peru, Africa and many other nations.  A typical crusade costs $100,000 and these crusades can see more than 100,000 people give their live’s to Jesus Christ each time. To date Vision 2020 has financed or help finance 42 crusades.


These converts publicly renounce all gods and make a commitment to Christ.  Typically, a convert incurs great persecution and loss to serve Christ.  Just think… an American dollar can be converted into a soul for Christ!  Results of these crusades are reported regularly. Souls won into the Kingdom in all our outreaches are reported weekly.  Our goal in Vision 2020 is to enlist additional members and friends in making a faith commitment above their current giving .  These funds are used exclusively to win souls.  Already there has been hundreds of thousands of dollars resulting in more than one soul saved for every dollar given!  Vision 2020 is a simple way to win the world.  To date,  over 140+ churches have joined in the effort to join Vision 2020 and that number is growing each year.  Did you ever think that you can win thousands of souls to Christ? Well you absolutely can!


Surely God will be pleased as others get involved in this venture of faith, we call it “Vision 2020”.  This program challenges each of us to have a part in the Great Commission.  We are … "laborers together, with God" (1 Cor. 3:9) And, although this program will generate funds for missions, it is not primarily a fund raise, rather it is a step of faith for church families and for us individually.  In that regard, you are the key.  We will all share in the miraculous results that God surely will send and one day soon, we will all be rejoicing together in Heaven!  God bless you all!


The mandate, the goal - is 20 million!



 Pastor Rob Rotola

 Word of Life Ministries

 Wichita, KS


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